Dysport vs BOTOX – Which One?

Dysport vs BOTOX, a comparison.

Are you one of the millions of people considering cosmetic injections? Wrinkle relaxers have given countless people a boost of confidence by smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. With so many brands on the market, it can be hard to decide between them. In this guide, we’ll compare two of the most popular wrinkle relaxers available and how they stack up against each other: Dysport® vs. BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Let’s face it – we all want to look our best and age gracefully. Injectables are an excellent way to turn back the hands of time. Call Aguilar Aesthetics Medspa and book a consultation to learn about our aesthetic treatments.

Dysport vs BOTOX
Dysport vs BOTOX

What causes wrinkles, anyway?

Many factors contribute to wrinkle development, like age and sun exposure, but one of the biggest culprits is repetitive muscle movement. This means that when you frown, squint, or smile, your facial muscles contract and create small creases in the skin. Over time, these creases become more permanent. They appear most often on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes (Crow’s feet).

Fortunately, our medspa has wrinkle relaxers like Dysport and BOTOX to address this issue.

What are Dysport and BOTOX?

Dysport and BOTOX are both neurotoxins made from botulinum toxin type A. They work by blocking the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. This temporarily relaxes the muscles and makes wrinkles less visible overall.

One of the first things people notice about Dysport and BOTOX is how similar they seem. Both are FDA-approved and have a long track record of safe and effective use. They have a high satisfaction rate and are considered the gold standard of treatments among our patients in Aventura, Florida. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Dysport vs BOTOX
Dysport vs BOTOX

A quick breakdown of Dysport vs BOTOX

While Dysport and BOTOX both contain botulinum toxin type A, they have slightly different formulas. Dysport tends to spread a little more once injected, so it’s best suited for larger areas. Currently, this product is only FDA-approved for glabellar lines (the “11” lines between the eyebrows).

BOTOX, on the other hand, is a more concentrated formula. This makes it ideal for smaller, more intricate issues like Crow’s feet. It’s also FDA-approved for forehead wrinkles and glabellar lines.

The expected results for these products are also different. Dysport tends to kick in within a couple of days, while BOTOX can take up to a week to fully take effect. Both last three to four months at a time and require maintenance treatments for long-lasting results.

Which one is right for you?

In the end, the choice between Dysport vs BOTOX comes down to your preference and aesthetic goals. At Aguilar Aesthetics Medspa, our team members are experts in wrinkle relaxers and can help determine which product can best meet your needs. We believe that every individual deserves a personalized plan to achieve their desired look.

Get rid of wrinkles with Dysport or BOTOX

If you’re ready to say goodbye to unwanted signs of aging, it’s time to consider wrinkle relaxers. Dysport and BOTOX have proven track records of delivering natural-looking results and making a big impact on your appearance. Follow us on social media or contact Aguilar Aesthetics Medspa to schedule your assessment in Aventura, Florida, today. Consider us your partner in beauty and aging gracefully.

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